Celestine Donkor Message to underground musicians

Celestine Donkor Message to underground musicians

Ghanaian gospel musician Celestine Donkor has opined that underground musicians do not need help from mainstream artistes.

Celestine Donkor, in her 16 years in the gospel ministry, has featured upcoming artists on her projects, including songs with very young musicians Ashley and Gideon

The gospel musician explained on Onua FM’s Anigye Mmere that she has realized that young talents do not want to go through the process that will shape them into mainstream artists. They always want to find the short route to the top.

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She said: “You see, I have a problem with young talents. We were patient to go through the process, to commit ourselves. At the time, I was backing Phillipa and Prince Nyarko. I had songs out, but I was backing them. I can see the likes of Luigi doing that. I see Kofi Owusu and Efe Grace also doing that.


“The underground artists you are talking about, trust me, they don’t need the help you are asking for them. They don’t like going through the process. They want to become everything overnight. And when you let them into your space, they think they are at your level. They are impatient to learn.”

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The ‘Agbebolo’ hitmaker also revealed that she does not have a problem with young acts sampling her music or doing covers for her songs. As long as the person gives her credit.

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